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Shared Ownership Housing Schemes

Shared-ownership is a great way into home ownership and is the main affordable housing scheme. If you can't afford to buy outright, you can buy your home through Part Rent Part Buy Mortgages, these are also called Part Buy Part Rent Mortgages but both expressions mean the same. Local Authority up an down the UK are building Shared Ownership Houses under a Government Shared Ownership Scheme.

You might buy a 25%, 50% or 75% share in your home. You pay a rent on the share that you don't buy normally set at an 'affordable' rate. The bigger the share that you purchase, the less rent you have to pay, but the bigger the share the bigger the mortgage payment will be to the Shared Ownership Mortgage Lenders. . When you can afford to do so, you can buy more shares until you own your home outright in a process known as 'stair-casing'. If you already own a shared ownership house or flat and are looking to staircase to a higher share, or even full ownership, contact our team at KPM Financial Services for more information on stair casing.

Shared Ownership Mortgage Brokers from KPM Financial Services have years of experience in this complex sector (Rent To Buy Scheme) and our advice will be independent and it reflect your currnet needs and objectives not the lenders, please contact us for further information

Housing Associations and shared ownership housing to buy or rent

The other share in a shared ownership property is usually owned by a 'housing association'. Alternatively, some shared ownership homes are provided by house builders directly on schemes called 'shared equity'. Share to buy are also familiar with shared equity mortgages. Most shared-ownership homes are found in the major conurbations, with big schemes in towns like Milton Keynes and Swindon, and the biggest concentration of shared owneship flats to buy is in London, but there are rural schemes available in some areas though you should be aware that rural schemes are more likely to have a cap on the maximum equity you can staircase to.

This includes shared ownership in London and other parts of the country. KPM Financial Services are expecting to see more part buy part rent homes across England in 2011.

Who can buy shared ownership housing?

Shared ownership housing schemes are usually intended for people who cannot afford to buy a suitable home in any other way. However, the way in which this is defined will vary considerably with some shared ownership schemes merely being restricted to first time buyers and others to applicants living within a certain borough. Priority will often be given to people on local authority or housing association waiting lists.

When a new housing scheme is developed that includes shared-ownership homes for sale; housing associations will usually advertise shared ownership properties for sale. If you are interested in shared ownership housing apply to the local authority or a housing association that offers shared ownership housing in your area as soon as possible.

You don't have to find a new housing development to be able to buy a shared ownership property. When shared owners want to move home, their property will either be offered to the housing association to find a buyer, or will be advertised in the local estate agents (i.e. as a second hand 'resale' property as described above).

Shared Ownership Mortgage Calculator

KPM Financial Service has a Free Online Mortgage Calculator, you can use this, all you have to to is decide who much you wnat to borrow, once you have this figure submitt the data into our calculator and it will work out the monthly cost of the mortgage, remebder you ahve the rent to find as well


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